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The Inventors Fair Big Red

Welcome to the 117th Inventors Fair, and prepare to be amazed with the wild and wacky inventions across the field. Once complete you can then write your own inventions and put them into the tale too.

This Storywalk is designed for year 5 and 6 as some of the language and words used are designed to stretch your pupils. Teacher note - read chapter one out loud to all your pupils together and then let them read the rest to each other in their groups.


This story starts at spot the hard standing of the courtyard enters the northern grass field.
Chapter one


‘Roll up, Roll up, the inventors fair is here'.

‘Come see the miraculous, the incredible, the fan-tab-u-lous' announced the orator from his tiny wooden podium. He then leans forward and whispers to you ‘I know that fantabulous is not a word, but this is an inventors fair and if you can't invent a few words here and there, then what's the point, ay!' His moustache twitches in excitement which seems to accentuate the shiny baldness of his head.

‘Buy your tickets here' he announces to the crowd gesticulating in a strange flourish of twisting wrists towards the booth and turnstile.

‘Now good people, ladies and gentlemen, have you been acquainted with the astounding Mr Arac, who will be demonstrating his incredible Home Spider Dentistry Kit or what about Dr Faustus and his amazing security device, The Magic Void'. He pauses for effect before he continues ‘it's a new type of safe which hides your valuables inside a surprising quirk of space-time itself.' Go see him, he's at stall number 253, but then he mutters to you under his breath ‘I suggest you don't let him Magic Void your pet, last one came back a little squishy and the boys keeper was quite disgruntled.'

Suddenly you have a ticket and are through the barrier, and there before you is stall - upon stall - upon stall, this is the inventors fair. Tents and turrets are pitched everywhere, flags and banners billow as smartly suited visitors amble between the stalls. Noises fizz from displays where plumes of pink and purple smoke waft from curious contraptions to the left, right and just about everywhere.

A voting paper is then thrust into your hand and you notice it has six spaces for nominations, this is what you need to fill in and post before you exit.

You glance back and see the sun glint off the Orators shiny head as he disappears back through the gates. His wrists spin above his glistening head as he funnels and encourages more paying visitors through the turnstiles.

Now to the fair.
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Chapter two

Empathy hat

As you approach the stall a robot ushers you inside a big red tent as you go on you just catch a glimpse of a billboard that said "Empathy hat". Forced through the tent you see worn by all the people in the room. Then at the back of the tent you see a small man with grey wiry hair. His attire consisted of: a tweed jacket; a brown waistcoat; a pristine and ironed white collared shirt and a blue bow tie. He had round spectacles (golden rimmed) with thick lenses. "Now then you sir you are not wearing an empathy hat." As you approach him he says "The empathy hat can read emotions and feelings." You then feel a tingling sensation down your spine then the man said "You are feeling shocked." Then suddenly the hat on his head malfunctioned and the small man fell to the ground. You try to leave but you're blocked by the flock of people so you slip under the tent. Then start sprint to the next stall.
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Chapter three


As you approach the stall you see an extra-ordinarily, large pair of glasses; with fire in the lenses. As you wonder what this is all about, you stare up in awe as a volinteer steps onto the marvellously coloured stage and puts on the pair of bright vermillion and crimson glasses offered to him. He was a child in a causal t-shirt and shorts with an inch thick layer of dust making it hard to distinguish what their original colour was. He was trembling with fear as if he didn't want to be here at all but his eyes were shining avidly." I present to you ...fire'n'glasses !! Said the man in the plum coloured suit with a wan bow tie and an ebony top hat on his head exclaimed who was quite clearly the inventor Instantly, you get a glimpse of light; streaming from the lenses and the tent behind was incinerated by the beam of light,dancing on the wreckage it has made. After a second, it stopped...and then the most incredible thing happened. The enormous glasses had been set alight by the regular sized one! Everyone gasped: including you! Out of the blue; as quick as a flash; a fire engine arrived. You breath a sigh of relief; that is until the massive Glasses fell onto the vehicle. Chaos reigned. Luckily, there was nobody in there at the time but how they could get home you do not know. Helicopters and police officers were helping to clear up the debris but without success. The tent, the banners and the stage were in utter disarray. The creator of the glasses was agitatedly explaining the reasons for having such a dangerous object. He was protesting but it didn't look good for him. People from different stalls were looking around in hope that it was all a dream or some trick or illusion but no,it was not. The fire had gone out but the blackened and charred remains still radiated heat like a left on iron. Something bad has happened so you make a quick exit.
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Chapter four

The Cloneicorn

As you approach the stall the aroma of wonder wafts through the air. Amazed, of your surroundings your eyes dart around, the stalls with light flooding from them, phantasmagorical explosions, elefleas hopping around. As you walk towards a bronze devil of a dog, you notice its eyes burning with an inferno of which have never seen before the eyes fill you with a warm feeling, but it is not a heavenly warmth it is a warmth that makes your skin crawl of your body and go and find some shade.A strong smell of sulphur protrudes from the depths of the dog. Hauntingly, you feel warm breathe creep down the back of your neck you turn ready to battle an experiment gone wrong and...
A unicorn? I Fright leaves your body as it is replaced with wonder. The unicorn is incredible it has a slick;white;grand mane; its hooves encrusted with gems which you can clearly see have rainbows dancing on the inside, its eyes are things of beauty like two stars burning in the night sky as if they have been blessed by every living being in the universe. Then the most incredible thing happens behind the unicorn there were other unicorns, exact copies dropping from the devil dogs mouth onto a slick black conveyor belt. Then the unicorn presses a button and a cacophony of static emits from the speakers and then a voice drones from the speakers. "Role up! Role up! Come and see the incredible cloning machine guarded by its very own unicorn servants!" your mouth drops open amazed by the incredible 'cloneicorn'. Instantly, you notice that you're not the only one keen on this wonder of engineering. You push to the front of the crowd, with your ticket in hand, and are instructed by an unicorn to to select a photo to 'replicate'. Seeing as you were born with only one arm, your other is just a stump. You choose a left arm and almost before you even select the picture. A whirring sound emits from the depths of the machine and a perfect copy of the photo appears on the slick black conveyor and travels to your awaiting arm.Your mind moves as quick as a flash sticking the new arm to the stump, you feel an incredible feeling and you start to move your new arm flesh starts to bind together.You experiment with your new arm bending and flexing your arm. Suddenly, your arm becomes a blur and you see your arm fighting against the new arm there fighting each other then your real arm rips your fake one of your body before it binds to your body and you feel your face start to well up and cry. You run of clutching your stump as if it is going to disappear for ever.
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Chapter five


As you approach the stall giant pictures of iced donuts perplex you into eating them.Fairy lights dazzle and flutter like fire flies in the night sky.While entering,you glance from table to table,goggles waiting to be bought.The fresh warm smell of donuts flow through the air.Several cute pink fluffy cats sit on every table and shelf.A loud 'MEOWW!' grabs everybody's attention,including yours."Hello customers,I,Professor Siamese,am introducing you to the...GLARING GOOGLY GOGGLY GIGGLY GOGGLES...2.0!" he shouts as loud as he can.Everbody in the tent applauded and cheers,the pink fluffy cats and their leader,Puff the kitten cuddle into Rob,a thief who nobody suspected to steal anything.Firstly,he jumped onto a table and took the newest pair of goggles,and runs for it,everybody shouts with anger.To leave you slide through the bottom of the tent,but you take a pair of x Ray goggles while nobody said looking.Then you look back at the stool,amazed.
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Chapter six

Precisely sliced

As you approach the stool you see a large box and a man standing next to it who had an afro and a curly moustache. "My name is Nelly Nole and I give you Pricely Sliced" he pulls a piece of stress ng and the large box collapses and reveals a wall of Lasers.In the corner of the room a fruit bowl sat on a table. Nelly Picks up an apple and throws it at the lasers. It misses and smashes a light. The room is suddenly don't mimed and in all the confusion a chicken from a different stool runs the into the wall of lasers;"BUCK BWARKBUCK CK"the chicken screams.You see the chicken in perfect slices on the floor.Suddenly the owner of the chicken runs over to meet the tradgic sight."How dare you kill my Mr.Charlie chicken"All of a sudden he wins of his jacket and starts wrestling Nelly Nole.You can hear the sound of struggling.Alll of sudden Nelly goes flying into Pricely sliced and ruins his Afro.At the same time the men both shout"YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THIS." You walk away before it gets to violent but Nelly Nole had certainly demonstrated that his invention works
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Chapter seven


You pass quite a few exhibits in the next hour, one called ‘the Big Ear' which appeared to be exactly what it said and would help you listen over great distances. They obviously hadn't invented the telephone yet!

Another stall was called the thinking machine, which listened and thought but little more. The inventor seemed embarrassed as he'd yet to invent the answer machine, which even he admitted would be far more useful.

Then finally you come across the Boot-o-matic an incredible machine which was lacing up boots on volunteers left right and centre. You sit in the chair yourself with your shoe laces undone and the tiny little machine ties them up in a flash. You are so impressed that you undo them quickly again and the Boot-O-Matic has them re done, just like that.

Of all the inventions that would save some time in the morning perhaps this was one which would in fact be truly useful. But then you notice the person getting into the chair after you with Velcro straps on his shoes and a cheeky grin on his face, I wonder how the Boot-O-Matic will deal with that!

So make a mark on your voting slip, have a chat between each other as to what you think.

Now over to the exit to meet the Orator and hand in your voting slips.
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Chapter eight


The Orator approaches, bald head glistening in the sun.

‘Place your sheets in the box and we'll see who the Inventor Supremo is in the 117th inventors fair'.

Is there one invention which is the best in your opinion? Have a discussion now and see which you think is the most impressive, when you have decided then please read on.

‘Good good.' Says the orator as you post your sheets, but suddenly there is a huge sound from the middle of the field, you look over and see a jet of blue flame snatch up into the air. A BOOM follows which is so loud you feel it in your chest, and the orators mouth drops open aghast at what is unfolding.

A flash follows with attendants and visitors running pell-mell away from the ‘Mr Bubbles, double bubble super fizz pop' tent. ‘Run for cover' they shout as people dive behind bales of straw just before the BIG explosion.

The next events seem to happen in slow motion as tents flatten across the field and flags bend horizontally away from the epicentre of Mr Bubbles. Then a black wall sweeps across towards you and there is only a moment to duck before it engulfs you. But thankfully it passes in a moment and you stand again to see the orator is covered head to foot in soot! He turns with mouth still open and moustache intact to the single flash of a reporter's camera.

‘Well it would appear that the 117th inventors fair has come to an abrupt end' he says to you with eyebrows raised as high as they will go.

The next day the local paper lands on your hall carpet with this very photograph, the orator is central, treacle black from head to foot and behind him the stately metal dome of Mr Bubbles is spurting with a mountain of foam.

The headline runs with ‘Inventor's Bubble Trouble. Hundreds flee from catastrophic fizzy pop explosion at the 117th inventors fair'.

To the left of the picture you can see yourself looking rather surprised.

What an event!

The End
Chapter nine

Further Thoughts

What inventions would you have liked to have seen at the fair?

Are they big or small, can they be held in your hand, or carried on your back?

Is it edible, totally credible or just downright daft!

Have a talk amongst yourselves whilst the other groups catch up.
Chapter ten

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