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The Inventors Fair Skye

Welcome to the 117th Inventors Fair, and prepare to be amazed with the wild and wacky inventions across the field. Once complete you can then write your own inventions and put them into the tale too.

This Storywalk is designed for year 5 and 6 as some of the language and words used are designed to stretch your pupils. Teacher note - read chapter one out loud to all your pupils together and then let them read the rest to each other in their groups.


This story starts at spot the hard standing of the courtyard enters the northern grass field.
Chapter one


‘Roll up, Roll up, the inventors fair is here'.

‘Come see the miraculous, the incredible, the fan-tab-u-lous' announced the orator from his tiny wooden podium. He then leans forward and whispers to you ‘I know that fantabulous is not a word, but this is an inventors fair and if you can't invent a few words here and there, then what's the point, ay!' His moustache twitches in excitement which seems to accentuate the shiny baldness of his head.

‘Buy your tickets here' he announces to the crowd gesticulating in a strange flourish of twisting wrists towards the booth and turnstile.

‘Now good people, ladies and gentlemen, have you been acquainted with the astounding Mr Arac, who will be demonstrating his incredible Home Spider Dentistry Kit or what about Dr Faustus and his amazing security device, The Magic Void'. He pauses for effect before he continues ‘it's a new type of safe which hides your valuables inside a surprising quirk of space-time itself.' Go see him, he's at stall number 253, but then he mutters to you under his breath ‘I suggest you don't let him Magic Void your pet, last one came back a little squishy and the boys keeper was quite disgruntled.'

Suddenly you have a ticket and are through the barrier, and there before you is stall - upon stall - upon stall, this is the inventors fair. Tents and turrets are pitched everywhere, flags and banners billow as smartly suited visitors amble between the stalls. Noises fizz from displays where plumes of pink and purple smoke waft from curious contraptions to the left, right and just about everywhere.

A voting paper is then thrust into your hand and you notice it has six spaces for nominations, this is what you need to fill in and post before you exit.

You glance back and see the sun glint off the Orators shiny head as he disappears back through the gates. His wrists spin above his glistening head as he funnels and encourages more paying visitors through the turnstiles.

Now to the fair.
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Chapter two


As you make your way through crowds of people exploding with curiosity and pass paramount stalls, on a day where the aurous sun is glistening in the cerulean sky , you spot a bumper cart and racing track with cars driving - no, hovering - around the bends or crashing into each other. You stroll towards the pulchritudinous stall next to it ,that has an array of extravagant, shimmering lights dangling off it like a lax scarf and spot a middle aged woman with erratic, alabaster hair, trying to get passers by to try the hovering cars. "Try my new invention!" She shouts with her hysterical Albert Einstein style hair swirling around her like Medusa's snake hair. She is wearing an atramentous dungarees with an achromatic polo shirt beneath it and a gold bow tie. " Behold the mighty HOVER-MOBIL!" She continues, following by a round of applause, "Test one for sixteen pounds! Race in one for five pounds or play bumper hover cars for five pounds as well. You can even buy them brand new for one million pounds each. They're sustainable too - they run on air!"
You march up to the woman and ask "Hi, can I test a hover car thingy." She gives you a devilish look and replies "Sure, that will be sixteen pounds please." Nonchalantly, you fish three things from your pocket : a ten pound note ; a plastic five pound note and a one pound coin. She smiles at you showing a row stained, mismatched teeth. "I'm Quilly Quicksilver, " she exclaimes , "Sorry about the wait, somebody's driving the tester hove mobil. As soon as she says that you hear a tremendous BANG as loud as a bomb and the tester being rode by the person flies across the sky like an out of control plane, collides with the hovering bumper cars and crashes into a coral tent. The tent starts to collapse and it is evacuated by the public with screams and screeches. " Whoops, must be a malfunction with the engine," Quilly bites her lip. Courageously, she trots over to the dazed customer ; a first aid kit is in her hand. The hover mobil lays decimated , groaning and spitting smoke from its engine. Swiftly, you sprint away.
That could of been you on the hover mobil that crashed. Thankfully it wasn't. Panting in the heat radiated from the sun, you head towards a scarlet and white as snow tent on the other side of the fair ; never wanting to see another hover mobil in your life.
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Chapter three

Super Space Launcher

As you nervously step towards the most fascinating, opulent stall, you realise everything is lighter and the tent above is opened up, revealing the aureus sun and sapphire sky. The tent is decorated in alabaster stars and soulful planets. " Roll up, roll up!" a delirious looking man is announcing, " try the all new Super Space Launcher!" You walk towards the man wearing a cerulean lab coat and he passes you a worn out, children's space suit. " Put this on and then strap yourself to the rocket." he points to a toy rocket, around a metre tall that had been hastily painted achromatic. It has a stained chair and seatbelt attached to it. On the side of the toy rocket, a fat, translucent windpipe is flowing out of a drawn door and a coral pump is cinched to it. Excited, you put on the spacesuit and strap yourself to the rocket. "Ready to go to the moon, young man?" the crazy man asks Ashe checks your seatbelt is done up properly. " The moo-" you start to say but the coral pump is being stamped on by the scientist and you go whizzing up into the nebulous sky. Now the most incredible thing is happening! You keep flying upwards and suddenly you are in space. Nervously, you look forwards and see the moon very close; safely, you land there. You try to unsurpassed yourself from the uncomfortable rocket so you can stand on the moon but the rocket starts fizzing and it shoots you down to Earth like a bullet. At the speed of light, you zoom through the Earth's atmosphere and set on fire. Thankfully, the wind in the sky is putting it out.
Unexpectedly, the toy lands with a mighty ' CRASH ' in the tent and you face plant the carpeted floor ( falling off the rocket in the process.) Behind you, the rocket turns feral, shoots up into the blue sky again and explodes in a flash of blinding neon light and a million ' BOOM' s and 'BANG's. Not bothered by the explosion, the erratic, obsequious man in the irksome, cerulean lab coat comes over to help you. " How was the moon?" he asks rationally; you ignore him, rip off the ashy spacesuit and leave the pulchritudinous, counterfeit stars and planets as you run to the next stall nearby. It is covered in a flurry of horribly nice couloures that make you feel sick and nostalgic for the moon...
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Chapter four


As you slowly approach the stall you see a tent covered in a flurry of colours shining in the bright Suns path .You enter curiously and see an enormous ,sparkly,yellow bucket ; all of the other customers are in awe at the creation of infinity flavours . Around the room there are tablets and computers on which you enter what ever flavour in mind . A meter away from the bucket of brilliance ,sat in a chair is professor Neo politan staring at the screen of the MAIN computer that : programs , starts , stirs and stops the infinity flavours bucket . Then the most incredible thing happened ...you hear the hum of the machine doing its magic and within minutes it stops . You get ready for either professor lily lolly pop or professor Nea politan ( both dressed in multi coloured lab coats ) to hand you a double scoop but you are wrong!!! The professors both have a funny feeling they know what is going to happen ..! Professor Neo tells you to make a swift exit but not everyone makes it out in time and you are one of the group left inside the vast tent .......BOOOOM !!The bucket EXPLODE from overworking and you are now coated in an oooooozing suit of gradually melting icecream . Professor lily hands around spoons and before you realise everyone is devouring ICE CREAM!!! Excited on his new technique on serving ice cream ,proffesor Neo has an amazing idea . As the ice cream cones are being grabbed by lily,the bubble gum,chocolate ,strawberry sauce and sprinkles are being snatched by Neo.Everyone is gorging themselves with Impecable ice cream. Neo is making his way to the main computer , presses some neon buttons and then a giant plug hole appears and engulfs the entirety of the ice cream mess and the tent looks normal again!!!!
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Chapter five

Burning bottom2.0

As you approach the stall you will see an evolution in underwear.They will be in many colours and patterns,they are made to keep your rooty- tooty-booty warm like a toasted marshmallow.Then the most incredible thing happened my old big cold and wet bum was warm thanks to burning bottom 2.0. It may have burnt but was so nice and warm. You may think this ideas perfect but they tend to catch a light so in a case of an emergency tip water down your pants then use the fire extinguisher. So far this invention is not recommended by anyone.

So before you go make a note on your voting slip.

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Chapter six

Present wrapper 2000

You walk through the entrance of the blue and black tent either side you see the present wrapper 2000 with monkeys everywhere handing people presents to wrap with the invention.In the far distance you see a pot of bananas for the monkeys. A monkey hands you a pencil but you can see the nib is already broken but you still put the pencil in the machine anyway you choose which wrapping paper you want. Eventually you choose which colour you want and then slotted it into the machine you pulled the lever and waited then opened the lid. It wrapped the pencil perfectly then after you took the pencil some one else had a go then suddenly there was blatant hissing noises coming from it and the tent had to be evacuated by everyone whilst mr Wrap went round the back to bring a New one out. The tent was open again. Everyone ran,jumped and screamed then mr Wrap shouted "WAIT" "you can only Wrap small presents in the invention or it will malfunction!"Mr Wrap was wearing a multicoloured lab coat with rainbow flashing shoes and black sunglasses.
He ran back inside like a jaguar.You go back inside to have a quick look again then leave the tent.

Now before you leave make a note on your voting slip.
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Chapter seven

The Super Food Completion Book

As you approach the stall a Monkey called Steve pops out to greet you
,He leads you into a treehouse (The Amazing stall). As you walk in the stall all the light is blocked out,seconds later you hear a switch flick and suddenly you can see. Extravagant cooking machines,a giant door,leading to another room and one Super food completion book! As you turn around Steve is walking in and over to the cook book. He then picks it up,opens it and points at a recipe signalling for you to click it. You do what he wants and suddenly loads of Monkeys appear and quickly start making the recipe a banana muffin! Whilst eating it you lean back,only to knock over a carton of milk that lans on a knife and leaks on all the electrical appliances so you quickly run to the door open it,jump off the treehouse and walk off secretally without anyone knowing you were there

Now before you leave make a note on your voting slip
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Chapter eight


The Orator approaches, bald head glistening in the sun.

‘Place your sheets in the box and we'll see who the Inventor Supremo is in the 117th inventors fair'.

Is there one invention which is the best in your opinion? Have a discussion now and see which you think is the most impressive, when you have decided then please read on.

‘Good good.' Says the orator as you post your sheets, but suddenly there is a huge sound from the middle of the field, you look over and see a jet of blue flame snatch up into the air. A BOOM follows which is so loud you feel it in your chest, and the orators mouth drops open aghast at what is unfolding.

A flash follows with attendants and visitors running pell-mell away from the ‘Mr Bubbles, double bubble super fizz pop' tent. ‘Run for cover' they shout as people dive behind bales of straw just before the BIG explosion.

The next events seem to happen in slow motion as tents flatten across the field and flags bend horizontally away from the epicentre of Mr Bubbles. Then a black wall sweeps across towards you and there is only a moment to duck before it engulfs you. But thankfully it passes in a moment and you stand again to see the orator is covered head to foot in soot! He turns with mouth still open and moustache intact to the single flash of a reporter's camera.

‘Well it would appear that the 117th inventors fair has come to an abrupt end' he says to you with eyebrows raised as high as they will go.

The next day the local paper lands on your hall carpet with this very photograph, the orator is central, treacle black from head to foot and behind him the stately metal dome of Mr Bubbles is spurting with a mountain of foam.

The headline runs with ‘Inventor's Bubble Trouble. Hundreds flee from catastrophic fizzy pop explosion at the 117th inventors fair'.

To the left of the picture you can see yourself looking rather surprised.

What an event!

The End
Chapter nine

Further Thoughts

What inventions would you have liked to have seen at the fair?

Are they big or small, can they be held in your hand, or carried on your back?

Is it edible, totally credible or just downright daft!

Have a talk amongst yourselves whilst the other groups catch up.
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